FUN - Fun Programming Language


FUN is a simple, structured, imperative, dynamic, object-oriented, functional and high-level programming language. FUN was developed by Wisdom ZHANG in 2010 as a scripting language to reuse resources of Pascal.

FUN's syntax is simple and clear, it comes from Ada and was changed for easy to use and input. FUN's exception handling syntax is similar to Delphi. FUN is dynamic typing and supports type conversions automatically when needed. FUN supports class-based object-oriented programming. FUN supports first-class functions functional programming, looks like Lisp and Javascript. FUN implements a simple and lightweight reference counting garbage collector. FUN's regular expressions handling is Perl-Compatible. FUN provides simple and powerful list process, it looks like arrays, associative arrays, hash tables, dictionaries or mappings too.


The latest release of FUN runtime library is 6.0. You can download it (contains IDE) here:


You can read the html version of the FUN man pages and 中文手册 / 简介 / 语法 .


To report a problem with FUN runtime library, or to make a feature request, please contact us.

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